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6 Tier Rotation Nail Bin W/ Scale (Must See), Beer Advertising Trays, Postage Stamp Machine, Gumball Machine, Toy Trucks and Cars, Michelob Lite Beer Sign, Thomas Edison ‘Ediphone’ Cylinder Roll Player, (2) #717 National Cash Registers, Solid Brass Marble Top National Cash Register, 3 Tier Rotating Store Display Racks, (2) Female Mannequins, Glass Bricks, 2 Man Saw, 100’s of License Plates, 1950’s Baby Jumper Chair, Large Plastic Christmas Light Globes, 1960’s Metal Bingo Ball Holder, Great Oval Pictures in Frames, Art Deco Light Fixtures, (8) Wooden Folding Chairs from Funeral Home, Jugs, Crocks (#6-#2-#10-Others), School Desk, Triner Brass Postage Scales, 1 Cent Topper Gumball Machine, (9) Manual Meat Grinders, Apple Peeler, Underwood Typewriter, Pittney Bowles Postage Scale, 1960’s NCR Cash Register, #333 Brass National Cash Register, Black Planes, Bobble Heads, Tobacco Tins, Beer Sings and Clocks, Lots of Coke / DP / Other Soda Wooden Crates and Glass Bottles, Pepsi Cola Display Rack, 7 Ft Tall Corner Cabinet, Set of 1950’s Cadillac Hubcaps, Vintage Luggage, Marlboro Cigarette Display, Camel Back Trunks, Iron Tongs, Block and Tackles, Saws, Chesterfield Sign, Aluminum Beer Keg, Coat Racks, Large Advertising Tins and Canisters, Lots of Road Signs, Grain Bin, 25 Cent Slot Machine, Timex Watch Display, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Lanterns, Cast Iron Items, Oil Cans, Rotary Dial Desk and Wall Phones, Collectors Beer Cans, (2) Tea and Coffee Service Sets, (7) Falls Tire Display Holders, Rolling Pins, Granite-ware, Large Glass Display Jars, Ginger Ale Metal Display, Large Wooden Shelf, Cookie Jars, Electric Train Controllers, Fire Hose, Hand Held Pinball Game, Peerless Scale, Wrestling / Riding Timer Clock, Canister Sets, Lightning Rods, Lots of Records, Lots of 8 Track Tapes, Lots of Vintage Books, Stroh’s Beer Sign, Shopping Cart, Camel Cigarette Rack, Metal Soda Bottle Rack, 100 + Piano Rolls, Electric Fans, Safety Deposit Box, Vintage Christmas Decorations, Vintage Roller Skates, Lunch Boxes, Child’s Electric Toy Stove, Picnic Basket, Smoke Stands, Copper Fire Extinguisher, Simplex Time Clock, Golf Clubs, 2 Wooden Dryer Racks, Mantle Clock, Porcelain Soda Dispensers, Die Cast Cars, Cigar Boxes, AM Radios, Porcelain Men / Women’s Scales, Large Baby Cradle, Fire King, King Kutter, Oak Highchair, Kitchen Cabinet W / Door, Sword, 15 + Pinball Back Display Glass, 84 Hole 7 ½ Ft Record File Cabinet, Water Coolers, Rods and Reels, Child’s Pink 3 Piece Kitchen Set, Trucks, Mink Coats, Vintage Armed Services Uniforms, Carpenter’s Box, (2) Professional Dart Boards, 25 Cent Electric Dart Board, Minnow Trap, Vintage New in Box Navy Clothes, Old Pinball Game Boards, Brass Fireplace Screen, Old Mortuary Drainage Jar, 2 Steno-graph Machines, Gibbons Beer Ale Clock, Large Brass Gopher Poisoner, 2 Wooden Garage Shelves, Clicquot Club Display Rack.


1 Door Metal Doctor’s Cabinet, 77 Hole Great Primitive Display Cabinet,

Maple Bowed Front Dresser W / Mirror, Stainless Steel Shelving, Maple Stool, Walnut Beds, Walnut Rocking Chairs, Oak Lamp Table, Piano Bench, Chairs and More Chairs-All Types, Tile Back Oak Washstand, Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet, Oak 2 Door Glass Bookcase, Oak Coffee Table, (5) 1950’s Kitchen Tables W / Chairs, 7 Ft Giant Display Hutch, Drop Leaf Table, Oval Oak Table, 8 Ft Pine Corner Shelves, 2 Metal Bar Stools, 2 Porcelain Bar Stools.


Schwinn Collegiate, Schwinn Suburban, Randor Traveler-Foldable, Dallas Cowboy Bike, Ralegh Nottingham England, Schwinn World Tourist, Sears 1950’s W / Headlight, Beacon Monclair, Schwinn Stingray D.C Chopper Bicycle.